Dear Colleagues and members of the Israeli Opto-Electronics Community,

This email is about an upcoming event which will bring together the entire Israeli Opto-Electronics Community, for one day, honoring the 75-th birthday of Amnon Yariv.

Many among us were Yariv's students and post-docs, and many more were educated by his books and were inspired by his success as one of the most important scientists in the broad area of optics/lasers/opto-electronics.

Over the years, Yariv has kept a close contact with Israel, spending one month every year in Israel, and mentoring numerous Israeli students and post-docs at Caltech at any given time. More than 10 of Yariv's former students and post-docs have become professors in Israel, while others among former students are now leading high-tech companies.  More than all, Yariv serves as a source of inspiration to us all: he was of the first Israelis receiving the recognition of a world leader. Yariv's work and professional success have inspired many young students to pursue a research career in opto-electronics as well as in other areas of science.

Last month, Yariv has celebrated his 75th birthday.
His former students and post-docs have organized a big event for him at Caltech,  bringing together several generations of researchers that grew out of his group.

Inspired by the event at Caltech, we will be holding a similar event to honor Amnon's contribution to opto-electronics in Israel. The event will take place on June 2, 2005, at the Rosenblatt Auditorium, Faculty of Engineering,  Tel-Aviv University.

We would like this day to bring together the entire Israeli opto-electronics community, making it also a show of strength in an area Israeli science has been in the forefront of research for years.

The Yariv Symposium event will be a scientific event: a mini-conference. The event will start with talk by Prof. Yuval Neeman (TAU), who was Amnon's commanding officer in the Independence War (1948), continuing with talks by Prof. Asher Friesem (Weizmann) and Prof. Emanuel Marom (TAU) who have been Amnon's friends for many years, following by short technical presentations by Yariv's former students and post-docs who are now professors in Israeli universities. The day will end by an hour long colloquium, by Amnon Yariv,  titled "Towards Phase-Coherent Optical applications".




For more details please visit the Amnon Yariv Symposium website:


We would very much appreciate if you attend this event, and bring your students with you. As stated above, our intention is to bring together our entire opto-electronics community.

Please register to the event at

The event is sponsored by:

El-Op, Ammo Engineering,  Applied Materials, and New Technologies Inc.


Registration fee is 25 NIS for students, 50 NIS for others (registration also includes luncheon at the Green House Faculty Club of TAU). We recommend that advisors cover the registration fee of their students.

We would highly appreciate if you all register ASAP, at

Hoping to see you all there

The Yariv Symposium Organizing Committee


Ronnie Agranat, Hebrew University

Avishay Eyal, Tel Aviv University

Avi Gover, Tel Aviv University

Katchul (Abraham Katzir), Tel Aviv University

Emanuel Marom,   Tel Aviv University

Moti Segev,    Technion

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