I encountered a strange situation when trying to produce text with nukud.

When I add \usepackage[cp1255]{inputenc} to the file, and the file contains nikud Hiriq (ASCII 0xC4 (decimal 196)), an attempt to compile it produces an error:
! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \hiriq
l.16 α─
       φ τAAΦAAα·IΘ -- αA∞ ·DA°EEE∙CIΘ≥σD,\\
Adding \DeclareTextSymbol{\hiriq}{LHE}{196} to the file "c:\Local TeXMF\tex\generic\babel\hebrew\lheenc.def", seems to solve the problem. I wonder whether the nikud definitions have just been forgotten, or there is another official way to process such file.
Thank you,