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Date:         Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:40:43 +0200
Reply-To:     Hebrew TeX list <[log in to unmask]>
Sender:       Hebrew TeX list <[log in to unmask]>
From:         Ron Artstein <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      Re: Various fonts
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Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

> After consulting with Maxim, I have decided to include, in a > newer release of latex+heb for users, the old acceptable mf > fonts, plus a number of font families converted from Windows, > for users of tex/latex on PC's having Windows. I think this is > the majority of latex users. Rama, I don't know what the majority is, but I don't see why it should matter. It should be possible to have one package for Hebrew, which can work with different fonts depending on what's available to the user. The big advantage of the old mf fonts is that they are *standard*, as is the LHE encoding. The main disadvantages that I see are the lack of support for vowel points and the absence of type1 versions. A smaller disadvantage is the fact that the LHE encoding puts Hebrew characters in the space of the lowercase Latin alphabet and leaves the space of the uppercase Latin alphabet empty; this is not a problem for typesetting, but it produces illegible output when you make certain kinds of mistakes (e.g. forget the backslash before a command name). For all the above reasons I think moving to an 8-bit font encoding is useful. I think it would be good if we could converge on a single 8-bit font encoding, as this would make maintenance of the main babel package simpler. Since the current Hebrew support converts the various input encodings to commands, there's no longer a need to maintain triple versions of the Hebrew glyphs in a font. (But note that with the new HE8 encoding, documents in SI-960 "oldcode" are no longer supported, since characters in the range 0--127 are not mapped to commands. I think old documents can just continue using the old LHE encoding; I doubt that new documents will be written in the SI-960 encoding.) I append my most recent proposal for the Hebrew 8-bit encoding; it's the same one I sent to the list in my last update, but written in a way that's easier for humans to read. I'd be happy if other implementors considered this (or a future version) as a standard, and implemented their fonts in accordance with this encoding. The current state of Hebrew LaTeX, with at least three forks, is not very easy to maintain, and would make it difficult to integrate Hebrew support with the main babel distribution. Please send me comments and suggestions for improvement. -Ron. P.S. Maxim, The TeX encoding for the Culmus fonts would be easier to maintain if the glyphs had meaningful names instead of names like afii57668 or uniFB3A. This is not a major problem, but perhaps something to consider for the stable release :-) Proposal for Hebrew 8-bit encoding: % Positions "00-"7F approximately according to Cork Encoding % Positions "C0-"D3 (vowel points and some Hebrew punctuation) % approximately according to Microsoft Windows-1255 Code Page. % Positions "E0-"FA (Hebrew letters) according to ISO-8859-9 % and Microsoft Windows-1255 Code Page. % 0x00 /quotedbl /quotesingle /hyphen /quoteright /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /quotesinglbase /.notdef /.notdef % 0x10 /.notdef /quotedblright /quotedblbase /.notdef /.notdef /endash /emdash /quotedash /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef % 0x20 /.notdef /exclam /gershayim /numbersign /dollar /percent /ampersand /geresh /parenleft /parenright /asterisk /plus /comma /maqaf /period /slash % 0x30 /zero /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven /eight /nine /colon /semicolon /less /equal /greater /question % 0x40 /at /A /B /C /D /E /F /G /H /I /J /K /L /M /N /O % 0x50 /P /Q /R /S /T /U /V /W /X /Y /Z /bracketleft /backslash /bracketright /asciicircum /underscore % 0x60 /.notdef /a /b /c /d /e /f /g /h /i /j /k /l /m /n /o % 0x70 /p /q /r /s /t /u /v /w /x /y /z /braceleft /bar /braceright /asciitilde /.notdef % 0x80 alef-mapiq bet-dagesh gimel-dagesh dalet-dagesh he-mapiq vav-dagesh zayin-dagesh het-dagesh tet-dagesh yod-dagesh kaf-sofit-dagesh kaf-dagesh lamed-dagesh mem-sofit-dagesh mem-dagesh nun-sofit-dagesh % 0x90 nun-dagesh samekh-dagesh ayin-dagesh fe-sofit-dagesh pe-dagesh tsadi-sofit-dagesh tsadi-dagesh quf-dagesh resh-dagesh shin-dagesh tav-dagesh holam-male shin-w-dot sin-w-dot shin-dagesh-dot sin-dagesh-dot % 0xA0 Note: segol, geresh and gershayim in this block are % cantillation marks, not the vowels and punctuation etnah segol shalshelet zaqef-qaton zaqef-gadol tipha revia zarqa pashta yethiv tevir geresh geresh-muqdam gershayim qarnei-para telisha-gedola % 0xB0 pazer munah mahapakh merkha merkha-kefula darga qadma telisha-qetana yerah-ben-yomo ole iluy dehi tsinor masora-circle varika hebrew-plus % 0xC0 sheva hataf-segol hataf-patah hataf-qamats hiriq tsere segol patah qamats holam /.notdef qubuts dagesh meteg /.notdef rafe % 0xD0 paseq shindot sindot sofpasuq vav-vav vav-yod yod-yod alef-lamed kaf-sofit-sheva kaf-sofit-qamats vav-holam bet-rafe kaf-rafe pe-rafe sterling euro % 0xE0 alef bet gimel dalet he vav zayin het tet yod kaf-sofit kaf lamed mem-sofit mem nun-sofit % 0xF0 nun samech ayin fe-sofit pe tsadi-sofit tsadi quf resh shin tav alef-patah alef-qamats yod-yod-patah yod-hiriq newshekel Ligatures: -- = endash --- = emdash ---- = quotedash '' = gershayim |' = quoteright |'' |" = quotedblright |, = quotesinglbase |,, = quotedblbase Any letter + dagesh = precomposed character shin + dot = precomposed character shin + dot + dagesh = precomposed character shin + dagesh + dot = precomposed character alef + patah/qamats = precomposed character final-kaf + sheva/qamats = precomposed character bet/kaf/pe + rafe = precomposed character vav + holam = vav with holam haser holam + vav = holam male

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