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Date:         Mon, 5 May 2003 02:17:10 +0300
Reply-To:     Hebrew TeX list <[log in to unmask]>
Sender:       Hebrew TeX list <[log in to unmask]>
From:         Tzafrir Cohen <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      Re: culmus-fonts-tex package
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First of all, a fixed version (mainly: xdvi now works) is now available from the same place: On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 09:54:38AM +0300, Yotam Medini wrote: > > As I said before, I would love to see 'my' > culmus2ltx-2003-02-28.tar.gz > become useless and obsolete. > But before, in my view a Hebrew-[pdf[La]]TeX distribution should: > + include Culmus fonts. > + include a nice working example of niqud (diacritical marks) usage, > where the 'niqud-ed' text _source_ is in native Unicode (UTF-8) format > rather than magic niqud-macros. So pre-processing tools for > UTF-8-Hebrew-tex -> Hebrew-tex-with-niqud-macros > are acceptable. What about CP1255 ext with nikud? What is the technical problem of rendering it properly by TeX? > + Be independent of MikTeX. Most of the files are independent of TeX distro. However updating fonts maps requires editing some files. This cannot be done by a simple "untar/unzip". The "miktex" package is basically a "make install" with a modified texmf root. > > See more comments below. > -- yotam > > > Quoting r. Maxim Iorsh ([log in to unmask]) "RE: culmus-fonts-tex package": > > Hello! > > > > I'd like to add your package to the download section at the Culmus site, but > > I'm a bit confused. Does it supercede my miktex package and/or Yotam's pack? > > I don't wand to confuse people with too many overlapping options... > This package is more a Request For Comments. I don't think a linux system should have two copies of the same type1 fonts, for instance (an extra ~1MB is not negligble for a distro). I would also like to know what people think about the names and aliasing I use here, before they are used in documents. > > Maxim. > > > > > -----Original Message----- > > > From: [log in to unmask] > > > [mailto:[log in to unmask]]On Behalf Of Tzafrir Cohen > > > Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 11:45 PM > > > To: Hebrew TeX list; Ivrix Discussions > > > Subject: culmus-fonts-tex package > > > > > > Hi > > > > > > Here is my stab at Yotam Medini's culmus fonts package. > > > ... > > > ... > > > For some reason 'xdvi heblet.dvi' crashes immdiatelly. Maybe > > > the creation of > > > the .vf files didn't work well. > > I think culmus2ltx bypasses this problem - > generating and installing an appropriate xdvi-configuration file. But I didn't need such configuration modifications for using the "ibm" type1 fonts. I didn't even bother adding .vf files for them, though. I get the following when running vptovf: I had to round some heights by 7.0000000 units. I had to round some depths by 1.0000000 units. (with different sizes) xdvi gives the warning: Checksum mismatch (dvi = 1101231901, vf = 220509314) in font file /usr/share/texmf/fonts/vf/culmus/frank.vf > > > > ... > > > Major changes from Yotam's package > > > ... > > > * disabled the renaming of font file names (r in the beginning). > > > Couldn't figure how to do that without changing ont names. > > > - is this recoding a good idea? > > I have followed afm2tfm example as in: > > Figured it out. xdvi now works using that method. Although according to this page this is not the recommended way, right? > > > ... > > > * The Culmus fonts are now copied. I hate this. But I couldn't make a > > > clean and simple way of using the same copy > > how about symbolic links? There are at least three different rpm packages of culmus: * The one made by the culmus project (called culmus-fonts) * The one made by RedHat (called hebrew-fonts , IIRC) * and one from Mandrake's contrib (called fonts-culmus) No two of those three either put the culmus fonts in the same path. No two of the three even agree on some compatibility "culmus" capability. So the tarball won't build as-is on systems with one of the "other" culmus packages: the spec file has to be edited. Making a problematic build-time dependency is something I can live with. But creating three separate "binary" packages is something I don't like. Although each distro will have no problem adding a package for "its-own" culmus package. -- Tzafrir Cohen +---------------------------+ |vim is a mutt's best friend| mailto:[log in to unmask] +---------------------------+

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