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TAUNOTES-L Archives – August 2010

  1. Dayan Center - "The Limits and Potential of Israel-Maghreb Relatons"

  2. Dayan Center, "Arabs vs.the Abdullah Plan"

  3. Dayan Center, "Keeping the Lid on Lebanon" - "The Jerusalem Report"

  4. Dayan Center, TEL AVIV NOTES - "Facing the Ba`th: The Syrian Kurdish Awakening"

  5. Dayan Center, TEL AVIV NOTES - "Muslim Reactions to the Headscarf Controversy"

  6. Dayan Center, TEL AVIV NOTES - "The Countdown: Turkey's Constitutional Referendum"

  7. Middle East News & Views - Vol.068

  8. Middle East News & Views - Vol.069

  9. Middle East News & Views - Vol.070

  10. Middle East News & Views - Vol.071

  11. Prof. Joseph Kostiner, of blessed memory, z"l
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